NRAA Firearms Insurance - Annual

NRAA Firearms Insurance - Annual

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We are offering our members exclusive access to firearm Insurance.

Scope of Cover:

Policy covering members firearms and/or associated equipment whilst in transit, stored in a locked vehicle in accordance with State Law and/or building and damaged or destroyed whilst in use in Australia or New Zealand and overseas for 21 days during the policy period.

Policy Wording: Firearms General Property Wording 5-5-2020

Limit of Indemnity: $12,000 any one claim

Excess: $50 each and every claim.


Cover is not Provided for:

  1. Theft where equipment was not stored in an approved gun safe as required by State and Territory Authority, other than when the equipment is in use or away from the Insured’s premises.
  2. Where the Insured or any person or entity to whom the equipment has been entrusted to fails to comply with any law relating to either storage, use or handling of the equipment.
  3. Notwithstanding anything in the Policy Wording or schedule to the contrary it is agrees and declared that this policy does not cover any loss or damage to unaccompanied customers goods.
  4.   Commercial Transport – whether in the course of or awaiting transit, during loading or unloading, or being held in storage by a commercial carrier.
  5. Failure to clean Equipment or failure to maintain Equipment in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions;
  6. You not following the instructions of the manufacturer including but not limited to Damage caused by using reloaded ammunition.

Cover will be activated once payment has been received.

A copy of the full policy will be forwarded to the email provided.

If you have any issues please email: